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Chris Owen • 12/14/2018
Tech is everywhere in Florida. It's a critical component of our economy, driving growth in the state's hospitality, healthcare and business services sectors.

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From computer modeling & simulation to photonics, digital media and even space exploration, Florida tech companies are at the forefront of innovation.

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Multiple research universities churn out a solid pipeline of talent with STEM and engineering degrees. Florida’s technology clusters are anchored in the region’s strong military history and ties to international markets. 

The State also benefits from Millennials who want to live in Florida. Jobs are plentiful, including those in tech, with no state income taxes and year-round amenities including white sandy beaches.

How important is Florida to Tech companies?

Florida Primary Industry Sector GraphLet’s follow the money. In the Southeast, Florida attracts the lion share of venture capital investment, almost $10 billion since 2010, and $1.6 billion so far in 2018.

These investments and growth in tech companies are impacting where we live, how we work and how we get around. Florida is a major “gateway market” with long standing ties to Latin America. It is a logical stepping stone for technology firms that are looking to economies in the south for expansion and growth opportunities.

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