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Canada Data Centre MarketBeats

Fall 2019

Global data centre traffic is forecast to increase to over 20 zettabytes by 2021, a compound annual growth rate of nearly 25%. This growth will continue to accelerate due to the explosion in the number of IoT, devices expanding, the rollout of 5G, the development of smart roads and autonomous vehicles, and the continued transition of entertainment and business processes online.

Key markets in the U.S. and Canada are primed for continued growth in this sector due to cost of land and energy, the quality of fiber-optic network and proximity to end-user. Cushman & Wakefield is closely tracking these markets.

Montreal Data Centre Report Thumbnail

Montreal: Montreal has enjoyed an exciting second half of 2019, with continued expansions by local players and further large projects in planning. The high vacancy in the wake of the many now-absent cryptocurrency miners has started to dissipate, and the market received further investment from the US with the acquisition of ROOT by Compass Datacenters.

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Toronto Data Centre Report Thumbnail

Toronto: Toronto has enjoyed a busy second half to 2019, with new expansions announced and new investment from a variety of cloud players. Urbacon, Digital Realty, and Equinix are all underway on new phases, pushed by interest from the local financial sector and those companies that serve them.

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